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4 Car Sounds You Should Never Ignore

Cars make lots of noises when they’re on the road. And while the whirring and stirring of a car’s engine can be perfectly normal, there will be times when you’ll hear a noise that you just can’t ignore. Below we’ve listed out 4 car sounds that you should always have checked out.

Fingernails Scratching on a Chalkboard

This usually happens when you crank or accelerate the engine. This sounds occurs when your drive belt is slipping on the engine’s pulleys. If left unattended your accessory drive belt will become very loose causing serious – and expensive – engine damage.

A Severe Pinging in Gas-Powered Engine

Those who drive diesel-fueled cars will be used to the various pinging and clattering that comes with driving diesel cars. But for gas-powered engines this loud clattering can be a major sign of engine damage. Drivers will usually hear this sound if they’re using bad gasoline or have bad ignition timing. Our suggestion is to check your car’s driver’s manual to make sure you’re using the correct type of gas, especially if you drive a VW TDI diesel car.

A High-Pitched Whine When you Turn the Steering Wheel

This is usually one of the biggest noises not to ignore. Hearing a high-pitched whine as you steer generally means you’re either running low on steering fluid or your power-steering pump is failing, which can lead to loss of control. When you hear this whine, bring your car into our full service auto repair shop in Orlando so we can refill or replace the pump.

Harsh Sound of Grinding Metal

This is the one we really want you to pay attention to. This loud sound usually described as “a snowplow on pavement” can be a sign of missing brake pad. It is especially important to recognize this sound, as it means your braking could be affected.

David Maus VW South’s service center is open six days a week. Our factory-trained technicians are here to help you with any auto repair you might need. So no matter the sound, bring your car in today!

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