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My car is named after what?

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What Do Volkswagen Car Names Actually Mean?

Volkswagen car names may seem odd and a little foreign to us here in America, but some actually have real world meanings behind them.

Volkswagen — The name that started it all. In German, Volkswagen means “the people’s car.”

Das Auto - The major slogan for Volkswagen, which is German for "the car."

EOS — The EOS is named for the Greek goddess Eos, the goddess of the dawn.

CC — Originally, the CC was called the Passat CC but VW shortened it. The CC stands for Comfort Coupe.

Beetle — Since the Beetle was the first VW model ever made, it was originally just called “The Volkswagen.” Later it got its name due to its iconic styling, which looks like a beetle bug.

Golf - (From German) Gulf stream. A warm ocean current running along the Gulf of Mexico and the North American eastern coastline, running at around 35 degrees North latitude until it reaches the southern end of the English Channel. A branch of the current passes by the Iceland on the way to Spitzbergen. It's attributed with moderating the climate in North and Western Europe and is the engine room for the establishment of low-pressure zones in the North Atlantic.

Golf GTI — The GTI part of the Golf GTI name actually stands for grand touring injection, referencing its sporty engine and performance as well as its premium design.

Jetta - The Jetstream. An upper-tropospheric band of winds in the sub-tropic to middle latitudes. Frequently used in aviation to gain significant ground speed.

Passat - A significant trade wind (German). A constant, perennial wind in the sub-tropics on both sides of the equator. The wind reaches to an altitude of about 2km, above which forms an inversion leading to the formation of cumulus clouds. The Passat is part of a global circulation system, especially evident above the oceans.

Tiguan— The Tiguan name is a cross between tiger and leguan, the German words for tiger and iguana. Nothing incredibly special about this name, but Volkswagen did run a contest for people to help them decide on the name that eventually became the Tiguan.

Touareg — The Touareg is named for the nomadic Tuareg people of the Saharan desert in North Africa.
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