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The Domino's Pizza Beetle

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Fifty percent of the ownership of Domino’s Pizza was once traded for a used Volkswagen Beetle.

The year was 1961, just a little under a year after brothers Tom and James Monaghan had purchased a pizza restaurant, DomiNick’s, for $500. After eight months of running the business as a partnership, James Monaghan got the bright idea to trade his stake in the business to his brother, for a used Volkswagen Beetle.

Fast-forward 38 years and Tom Monaghan decided to retire and sell most of his stake in the company that was now known as Domino’s Pizza. He got a bit more than the price of a used Volkswagen Beetle though. Specifically, he sold 93% of his stake for one billion dollars. One can only imagine the awkwardness at the Monaghan family gatherings. “Hey, so how’s that Beetle running?”
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