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The Art Of Keeping Your Car Looking Beautiful

We all know that obsessive person when it comes to keeping their car clean. They’re out there every weekend with a bucket and a hose, washing their car and making sure it looks like they just drove it off the lot. But what about those people that only wash their car once a year? Yea, they exist. So, here’s what to do in order to ensure that your car looks like the day you bought it for years to come.

My car is named after what?

What Do Volkswagen Car Names Actually Mean?

Volkswagen car names may seem odd and a little foreign to us here in America, but some actually have real world meaning behind them.

Protecting Your Car in a Hurricane

With Hurricane Matthew on its way, many people are working hard to ensure that they are ready for whatever this most recent storm may bring. Many people forget about one of the most important safety tools when preparing for what may come; your car. Your vehicle can easily become your only means of evacuation, if needed, in the event that a hurricane gains so much strength that your only form of safety is to evacuate to shelter, to another city, or another altogether. Please always keep in mind, hurricane season doesn’t end until November 30th.


The Limited Editions Volkswagen #PinkBeetle: What We Know

4000 × 2667


What we currently know about the 2017 #PinkBeetle

Earlier this year, Volkswagen announced the future sale of the Volkswagen #PinkBeetle. Currently at this time, we don't know the official launch date of the Volkswagen #PinkBeetle, although currently at this time, Volkswagen has stated that the #PinkBeetle will be launched to the general public at the end of October 2016. We currently know that the #PinkBeetle will be available in limited quantities, but we currently don't know where it will be available or how many will be available for purchase.
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