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What is the People First Warranty?

Volkswagen Lineup

Volkswagen has put a heavy focus on customer satisfaction and keeping customers happy, which should not be that surprising considering that the company’s name directly translates to ‘people’s car.’ This focus has helped turn Volkswagen into one of the world’s leading car brands, and now the German automaker has found a new way to say thanks and reward its customers for all their loyal support. The recent unveiling of the all-new People First Warranty proves to be a complete gamechanger for the auto industry, and here is everything you need to know about this industry-leading warranty.


The All-New Volkswagen Arteon Revealed

new Volkswagen Arteon

Like a Phoenix from the ashes, the all-new Arteon arises, representing a new era of world-class design and engineering. The Arteon is slated to arrive in our showroom by the middle of next year, however, you can preview it here on our blog first.


The Limited Editions Volkswagen #PinkBeetle: What We Know

4000 × 2667


What we currently know about the 2017 #PinkBeetle

Earlier this year, Volkswagen announced the future sale of the Volkswagen #PinkBeetle. Currently at this time, we don't know the official launch date of the Volkswagen #PinkBeetle, although currently at this time, Volkswagen has stated that the #PinkBeetle will be launched to the general public at the end of October 2016. We currently know that the #PinkBeetle will be available in limited quantities, but we currently don't know where it will be available or how many will be available for purchase.
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4 Car Sounds You Should Never Ignore

Cars make lots of noises when they’re on the road. And while the whirring and stirring of a car’s engine can be perfectly normal, there will be times when you’ll hear a noise that you just can’t ignore. Below we’ve listed out 4 car sounds that you should always have checked out.
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