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Top 5 Signs of Engine Trouble

Signs of Engine trouble

When it comes to your car, signs of engine trouble should never be ignored. These are the top five indications that you should bring your car into the dealer for an expert to look under the hood.

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When Should You Change the Timing Belt in Your Volkswagen?

When Do You Change Your Timing Belt in VW

Changing the timing belt in your Volkswagen is a very crucial part of the maintenance of your automobile. Unfortunately, this step is sometimes done too late when the owner of a car does not respect the periodicity of verification and change recommended by the manufacturer. This replacement is also an operation reserved for experienced mechanics.

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4 Car Sounds You Should Never Ignore

Cars make lots of noises when they’re on the road. And while the whirring and stirring of a car’s engine can be perfectly normal, there will be times when you’ll hear a noise that you just can’t ignore. Below we’ve listed out 4 car sounds that you should always have checked out.
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