The All-New Volkswagen Arteon Revealed

new Volkswagen Arteon

Like a Phoenix from the ashes, the all-new Arteon arises, representing a new era of world-class design and engineering. The Arteon is slated to arrive in our showroom by the middle of next year, however, you can preview it here on our blog first.


The Art Of Keeping Your Car Looking Beautiful

We all know that obsessive person when it comes to keeping their car clean. They’re out there every weekend with a bucket and a hose, washing their car and making sure it looks like they just drove it off the lot. But what about those people that only wash their car once a year? Yea, they exist. So, here’s what to do in order to ensure that your car looks like the day you bought it for years to come.

My car is named after what?

What Do Volkswagen Car Names Actually Mean?

Volkswagen car names may seem odd and a little foreign to us here in America, but some actually have real world meaning behind them.

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